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The Scrub Soap for face & body from Bloom Dead Sea Life
Recommended for both face and body use This Scrub Soap or face & body from Bloom Dead Sea Life is a must-have item on your beauty and skin care list. It comes from natural composition of minerals from the Dead Sea that exfoliates your skin to give you the best glow and to get even better results, apply our body lotion for added moisture feeling.
Benefits of the Scrub soap for face & body
1- Exfoliates the skin by removing the dry skin cells.
2- Acts as an anti-aging fighter to reduce wrinkles.
3- Helps in controlling Acne, Psoriasis and Eczema.
Main Ingredients
Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Almond Shell Granules, Dead Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Fragrance and Moisture.
Directions for use the Scrub soap for face & body
leave the rich foam for 1 minute before washing.
Product Information
– Weight: 90gm
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How to get the maximum benefits from the Bloom unique collection
Do you want to join the Bloom lovers worldwide? for maximum benefit from Bloom the high quality, approved, exported and used in more than 42 countries until now
Please follow the following steps:
1. Wash your face using Bloom mud soap and your body using Bloom mineral salt soap .
2. Recommended to use Water vapor with Chamomile flower for preparing the face.
3. Apply Bloom mud mask as per the directions wash your face / body with warm water
4. Using Bloom facial scrub once a week is recommended
5. Use the Bloom scrub after using the Bloom Mud mask if you will use them at the same time.
6. Apply Bloom day/night cream for your face and Bloom lotion for your body after using Bloom mud mask
Or Bloom bath salts.
7. For smooth and gradual skin nutrition with Dead Sea mineral and trace elements. In order to get ideal skin
Metabolism /skin building we recommend using every Bloom item as per the directions on each item pack.
8. Use Bloom massage oil before Bloom body mask for extra relaxing.
General Notes:
Do not Mix using different cosmetic brands at a time.
Stick with the direction of each Bloom item
It is good to use chamomile flowers vapor for face once a month
It is recommended to eat and drink healthy and balanced food such as fruits, vegetates and lots of
Water to help getting excellent results.
Since we use shampoo, soaps, creams and lotion almost every day, why not to think using the whole
Bloom Natural Rich collection from the Dead Sea as they are very essential to build skin cells ideally.
Bloom products should be stored in room conditions, not to be exposed to direct sunlight and
Keep away from humid places.
Bloom products are for external use only
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