Who visits the Jordan River ? How many visitors arrive there?

Every year over half a million visitors come to Jordan River to be baptized, rededicate their baptismal vows, or to be part of the world-wide Christian community bearing witness to their fellow Christians, who at this place have followed their Savior through the waters of baptism. This sacred place is a Christian sacrament marked by a ritual use of water immersion admitting the recipient to the Christian community.

Where is the Jordan River baptismal site located?

The Jordan River baptism site is located at the entrance to Kibbutz Kinneret, where the Jordan River flows from the Lake Tiberias. This pristine area is near dead sea, This location reflects the perfect combination of Christian heritage and stunning landscapes of Jordan.

Can I wear my own cloth for the baptism ceremony?

Baptisms are only allowed while wearing the special robes, which can be rented or purchased on site. Swim suits or other clothing may be worn under the robe. To maintain the spiritual atmosphere and support the conduct of religious ceremonies on site, entry to the water in swim suits or in the nude is strictly forbidden.

What are the costs & fees?

Entry to the site is free and there is no charge for conducting baptismal ceremonies. To sustain a respectable and spiritual atmosphere, we require visitors wear special robes during their baptism. These may be rented or purchased on site. To cover operating costs.

Is there a priest on site?

No. There is no resident priest at Jordan River but a list of local clergy, complete with contact information, can be provided upon request.

Is it required to coordinate the visit in advance?

Small parties of up to 40 people can visit the Jordan River without coordinating in advance. We request larger groups to notify us in advance so we can plan to give you and other visitors the best possible service.

How can I buy products I have seen in the Jordan River shops during my visit, but can not find online?

The alljordangifts.com shop holds a wide range of local products from the banks of the River Jordan. Some of these items are also available online at the alljordangifts.com web-store. If you would like to purchase an item that you have seen at the store during your visit but can not find it online, please feel free to contact us [email protected] and we’ll be happy to check on its availability.

Where can I get refreshments at Jordan River?

Light refreshments are available at the onsite, located in the baptismal area. A full lunch buffet is served daily at the newly renovated biblically-themed restaurant.

Are there any hotels near the Jordan River?

There are many hotels, located in a short distance from the Jordan River, right at Dead Sea Beach. Also in a short distance, you can find more lodging options can be found.

When was the baptism site established?

The River Jordan baptismal site was built with the help and blessing of the Ministry of Tourism. The site was established to provide a safe place for pilgrims to be baptized on the Jordan River.